Antimatter Finance

Antimatter introduces Recurring Vault into the Antimatter Ecosystem. It is an DeFi Option Vault (DOV) following the Set-and-Forget principle. Our first vault will be based on our already existing Dual Investment. The vault will have weekly cycles that can be cancelled before the next cycle starts.

💰Vault Strategy

To start off our…

AntiMatter team held an AMA last Sunday (9th of January 2022), here is the written transcript of all questions and answers.

Q1: Why do we see the recent pivot to Structured Products?

“In what way should DeFi derivatives grow?” is the question we asked ourselves. AntiMatter has experimented and researched…


Antimatter Labs is developing option and derivatives products. Options and derivatives are highly complex financial products, which can be difficult to understand and have high barriers to entry. These kind of products often get overlooked by many users. Therefore our vision is the introduction of simplified derivatives products to serve…

Antimatter Labs is developing products for the option and derivatives ecosystem. Our goal is to develop and innovate in this niche which is still currently still in the early stages in the crypto & DeFi ecosystem.

Live products and products in development

Important Concepts

For users who are not familiar with Dual Investment, please continue reading.

To understand how Dual Investment functions, we should first explain some of the key terms associated with the product.

Antimatter Finance

Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol

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