AntiMatter development update #1

This article is a showcase of the current development progress of AntiMatter. Ever since the launch, we have hired 2 additional front-end developers and 2 security engineers/testers. The current team now consists of 7 people and AntiMatter is still hiring.


  • Development is on schedule for our product launch in early April.
  • Innovative LP staking program to be announced soon

Product showcase

We are excited to innovate a new way of LP staking. More details will be announced soon. v1 of the frontend design can be seen below. After the official product launch, we will be adjusting and improving the UI based on our community's feedback.

Innovative LP staking page
Option Trading: where you trade your call and put tokens. Exactly the same as Uniswap
Alpha leak 👀 (coming soon)
One of the product pages..
Option Generation
Providing liquidity to option pools

We hope our community is as excited as we for the AntiMatter product launch. Stay tuned!

Website refresh also coming!

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