AntiMatter introduces ChainSwap a cross-chain bridge for the masses

AntiMatter is excited to announce ChainSwap, a side-feature for projects and teams wanting to make their token cross-chain across ETH, BSC, HuobiECO, and more.


  • ChainSwap allows your token to be swapped across BSC, ETH, HECO, and more
  • NO onboarding or swap fees, everything is free of cost. Network fees are paid by the user
  • Integration and contract deployment advice
  • Project application form:


After the initial AntiMatter IDO, the team has been approached by various teams offering to purchase the AntiMatter cross-chain code. Seeing the need for cross-chain bridges in the blockchain space we decided to launch ChainSwap, a cross-chain bridge for the masses. This is our way of giving back to the community.

User experience

A high priority for ChainSwap is the user experience. Project onboarding and use of the bridge will be free of added costs. Simple and seamless UI will make sure the token swap is as simple as possible, UI will be inspired by Uniswap.


Project onboarding has started. To apply your project for the ChainSwap listing, fill out this form:

  • The first project to partner with ChainSwap is OptionRoom, more information about this partnership onboarding will be released in the upcoming days.


Phase one:

  • Cross-chain token contract deployment for new tokens and existing tokens.
  • Vertical integration: Adding more chains
  • Horizontal integration: Adding more token types and onboarding selective projects
  • Improve user experience from community feedback

Phase two:

  • Permissionless onboard. Anyone can deploy tokens on the bridge and start to use the bridge
  • API access with seamless cross-chain token contract deployment
  • Decentralized nodes to manage backend and signatures

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