AntiMatter introduces ChainSwap a cross-chain bridge for the masses

AntiMatter is excited to announce ChainSwap, a side-feature for projects and teams wanting to make their token cross-chain across ETH, BSC, HuobiECO, and more.


  • NO onboarding or swap fees, everything is free of cost. Network fees are paid by the user
  • Integration and contract deployment advice
  • Project application form:


User experience


  • The first project to partner with ChainSwap is OptionRoom, more information about this partnership onboarding will be released in the upcoming days.


  • Cross-chain token contract deployment for new tokens and existing tokens.
  • Vertical integration: Adding more chains
  • Horizontal integration: Adding more token types and onboarding selective projects
  • Improve user experience from community feedback

Phase two:

  • Permissionless onboard. Anyone can deploy tokens on the bridge and start to use the bridge
  • API access with seamless cross-chain token contract deployment
  • Decentralized nodes to manage backend and signatures

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Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol

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