Antimatter Labs: Vision & Roadmap 2022


Products in Development

Dual Investment

  • Recurring Vault: We are currently building a Vault which enables users to automatically invest into our Structure Products without having the need to manually subscribe. You will be able to “auto-enjoy” high APY rates.
  • More Supported Tokens: We launched Dual Investment starting with BTC and USDT as Underlying Assets. In the near future we will be adding ETH, LUNA and more
  • More Supported Chains: Furthermore, Dual Investment will also be launched on additional chains like Ethereum, Terra(LUNA) and Fantom.
  • Incentive Systems: To further enhance our $MATTER Token Utility there will be more incentives for Antimatter users to unlock features on our platform.

Tiered & Saddle Option

  • Tiered Option: In essence this product is a Call-Option, which rewards the buyer according to how many tiers he can climb without falling down. The tiers in this case are different price levels that have to be maintained to gain accumulative rewards.
  • Saddle Option: This product will let you bet on the volatility of an asset. The goal is to stay within a given price interval for a given amount of time. The longer you stay on the “Saddle” the more rewards you accumulate.

Ongoing Research


Order Book Model

About Antimatter



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Antimatter Finance

Antimatter is a hub for decentralized on-chain financial products, such as DeFi derivatives and financial NFTs. Antimatter B2 is a low-gas BNB sidechain.