Antimatter NFT Lockdrop

Antimatter Finance
2 min readSep 4, 2021


We are excited to introduce Antimatter Collectibles and kickstart the first phase of our NFT drop! Bringing NFTs to the financial realm, these collectibles represent finance-backed artworks.

Release date is to be announced


Famous for their application in the digital art field, NFTs also offer multiple advantages in the financial realm. Just like they represent an artwork, NFTs can also act as containers for various financial assets.

yGift by Yearn Finance is a great example of how this works in practice: the platform allows anyone to send a custom NFT collectible and locked token rewards as a gift or gratitude. This idea inspired the Antimatter NFT Lock drop.

How does it work?

The NFT lock drop consists of 66 hand draw artworks from Antimatter community members. The artworks are offered for free. To claim your NFT, you need to lock a number of your tokens into it. When the lock expires, you can claim your underlying asset back.


The current NFT wave is dominated by jpgs. People purchase jpgs such as Crypto Punks and Bored Ape jpgs and use them as their profile images. It is an interesting social experiment, but it lacks the real, material ties to the community.

In Antimatter NFTs, your involvement with the community is more important that the price of your jpg. For existing projects, the most direct and obvious involvement is to stake or lock your asset for a long time to express your confidence in the project. In addition, if NFT is backed by an underlying asset with a lockup, it becomes a future derivative with art representation.



Antimatter Finance

Antimatter is a hub for decentralized on-chain financial products, such as DeFi derivatives and financial NFTs. Antimatter B2 is a low-gas BNB sidechain.