AntiMatter Perpetrual Options Launches on ETH, Arbitrum, AVAX, BSC, & More to Come

We are beyond excitement to announce that after 8 months’ study, exploration, and constant iteration, AntiMatter, the next generation decentralized financial (DeFi) derivative platform has launched its Perpetual Options mainnet on ETH, Arbitrum (ETH L2), AVAX, and BSC. is now live for users to trade. More underlying blockchains will be added to Antimatter’s expansive ecosystem in the near future. Those include Terra (LUNA) and NEAR (via Aurora).

AntiMatter is the first non-oracle DeFi derivative trading platform. Users are able to generate their own auto-self-pricing derivative products, such as a personalized option contract, each on a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) on Antimatter. Without the need to rely on decentralized oracle services, AntiMatter’s auto-self-pricing derivative protocol is set to unleash the full potential of the derivative markets on DeFi.

Antimatter Perpetual Options is Designed to…

Decentralized Perpetual Options platforms currently accessible on the market are more complex than their centralized peers. A DeFi platform where non-experienced users can execute their long and short strategies is non-existent, thus hindering the mass adoption and decentralization of derivative services. Meanwhile, the lag of price synchronization with oracles has been a long-lasting challenge faced by DEX derivatives, costing users plenty of opportunities while causing huge losses.

To tackle the current problems, the first product of Antimatter was designed as a Uniswap for options and derivatives with ease-of-use and improved user experience, as well as an innovative way that abandons the use of oracles to secure the system and maintain systematic independence. Instead, arbitrage activities act as “oracles” in Antimatter to make sure the price of call and put tokens follow the trend of market price movement.

Understand Antimatter in One Minute

What Antimatter creates is decentralized Bull and Bear Tokens, which are leverage embedded and non-expiry.

When the Underlying Asset price increases, the Bull Token price will increase more.

When the Underlying Asset price, the bear token price will decrease more.

It is simple as it is, leveraged tokens.

Bullish and want to have more price exposure? Buy Bull Token.
Bearish and want to have some hedge? Buy Bear Token.

Option (Bull/Bear Token) Contract Address

  • ETH Option Contract on Ethereum mainnet

+ETH($1500) 0x8285Ed6158579c7F280Eaa7c80A5bACc42114921\

-ETH($6000) 0x9a0272A3ecC6c99CC04F939dfEC7082452C34a70

  • ETH Option Contract on Arbitrum

+ETH($1500) USDC 0x2b59Ec1C6E0e68c6aCd44247A3E10B781059A89d

-ETH($6000) USDC 0x478DbF96D06A1815826F96cB2eB071d910A7A912

  • BNB Option Contract on BSC

+BNB($200) BUSD 0xCc07101bdaFE5F745B0e129A2a85e3D276871C52

-BNB($800) BUSD 0x5b4Bc7A165b589959aC81Cf35A74c691aeC8537C

  • AVAX Option Contract on Avalanche

+AVAX($40) USDT.e 0x625ABC235CC88085dF3051B8715A05Be58B59fa8

-AVAX($160) USDT.e 0x6e82291809E2F3795363989E77C674f9b5f2a999



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Antimatter Finance

Antimatter Finance

Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol