AntiMatter — Perpetual option system without Oracles

In this blog, we discuss an issue with the current on-chain derivatives space. The issue with on-chain derivative is not how you design the contract, it is how you avoid using oracles. The price feed is always faster for CEX than DeFi, and it is not attractive anymore. Below we list two major reasons why having an oracle is bad for on-chain derivatives.

Flash loans


Oracles play an important role in DeFi applications and are sources of many forms of attacks. Antimatter designs an innovative way to abandon the use of oracles to secure the system and maintain systematic independence. In Antimatter, arbitrage activities will act as “oracles” to make sure the price of call and put tokens follow the trend of market price movement of target assets. The Antimatter math model will rebalance underlying assets through arbitrage activities.

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Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol