Antimatter Structured — New Structure Product and Major Upgrades to Dual Investment

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5 min readFeb 16, 2022


The last few weeks Antimatter Labs has worked day and night to improve Antimatters Structure Products. Result are game-changing new features on🔗. Read on to find out how and why these improvements are important to DeFi and Antimatter.

Recurring Strategy

📈Automated Investment Management

Antimatter introduces Recurring Strategy into the Antimatter Ecosystem. It is similar to an DeFi Option Vault (DOV) following the Set-and-Forget principle. Our first strategies will be based on our already existing Dual Investment. Recurring Strategy will have weekly cycles that can be cancelled before the next cycle starts.

💰Management Strategy

To start off we will run two strategies for investors with BTC as underlying asset: BTC Covered Call & BTC Put Selling. The strategy algorithmically selects the optimal Strike Price for the BTC call/put options.

BTC Covered Call

In this strategy, the deposited funds are essentially used to subscribe to an upward exercise product. This way the strategy earns yield by running a Covered Call (What is a covered call?) that automatically covers BTC on a weekly basis. Earnings are automatically reinvested into the strategy, effectively compounding the returns. The deposit currency is BTC.

BTC Put Selling

In this strategy, the deposited funds are used to subscribe to an downward exercise product. This way the strategy earns by running Put Selling (What is put selling?) that automatically protects BTC on a weekly basis. Earnings are automatically reinvested into the strategy, effectively compounding the returns. The deposit currency in this case is USDT.

📝Difference to Competition

Competitors like Ribbon Finance mainly run vaults with one strategy, Covered Call or Put Selling. While those kind of vaults work well when market conditions are clear, they are also vunerable to sudden market shifts.

Antimatter’s Recurring Strategy is essentially one big fund manager which simultaneously runs those two strategies. Which strategy is executed depends on the performance of BTC. The user can choose a starting point for his investment strategy: Deposit BTC for a Covered Call strategy or deposit USDT for a Put Selling strategy.

For a clear understanding it is very important to note that the strategy can change weekly depending on the outcome of the product. In case the option is exercised, the settlement currency is different from the deposited currency and therefore in the next cycle the strategy is changed to Covered Call or Put Selling respectively.

Now if you think you don’t want to reinvest your funds incase the option get exercised, this does not pose a problem since you are able to redeem your funds before the next cycle starts. This way Recurring Strategy basically still can be used as if you were running only one strategy.

📊Strategy Performance

Antimatter Recurring Strategy is an innovative alternative to established DeFi Option Vaults and one of a kind on the market. Therefore we do not have broad information about performance expectance yet. We advise users to invest carefully and exercise caution.

There will be weekly performance updates on yield history and we will also display current projected yield for each strategy.

A user guide is already in the making, so stay tuned for that. As we will gradually add more Currencies to Dual Investment they will also be available for Recurring Strategy.

ETH Launch on Antimatter Structured

We are super excited to launch ETH on Antimatter Structured today! ETH will be available as Underlying Asset, Deposit Currency and Settlement Currency.

ETH as Underlying Asset means that the Ethereum Token and it’s price action can now be used as basis for Dual Investment products and Recurring Strategy. This provides users with more flexibility and might fit their investment strategies better than the available BTC products.

In addition to serving as Underlying Asset, ETH will also be accepted as Deposit Currency and be given out as Settlement Currency in it’s respective products. This again improves flexibility and might be a better fit for many investors portfolio.

As already mentioned on our Roadmap🔗 we are looking to introduce even more assets such as LUNA, FTM, AVAX etc.

More Strike Prices for Dual Investment

In an effort to increase flexibility and Risk Control for investors we are introducing an upgrade to Dual Investment.

Instead of only offering three different products per given Underlying Asset price, we will now offer atleast six products for each Upward and Downward Exercise with a wider range of Strike Prices.

A higher Strike Price for Upward Exercise means less exposure and risk, but also comes with the downside of lower APY/yield. Similarly a lower Strike Price for Downward Exercise means less risk, but also less yield.



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