Antimatter Structured Live on Polygon Network

After deploying Antimatter Structured on Avalanche last week, we now have decided to continue expanding the Antimatter ecosystem and brought Antimatter Structured to Polygon. Polygon is the first Layer 2 we deploy Structured on.

Today the Antimatter Structured contract is live on Polygon Mainnet. It is reachable through To access $MATIC products, you need to change the network in the top right corner.

What products are available?

To start off, Dual Investment is enabled for the native $MATIC coin.

Dual Investment is an advanced options derivative based on a decentralized protocol. The product has a “market-neutral, returns guaranteed” feature, where the yield is clear and fixed at the time of purchase, while the settlement currency is uncertain. At maturity, the settlement currency depends on the outcome of the settlement price at maturity compared to the strike price.

If you are wondering which of these products is suited for you, check out this decision guide:

For a more detailed explanation of Dual Investment check out our Docs:

What’s coming next?

In the coming weeks we will introduce two $MATIC DeFi Option Vaults. They are currently undergoing internal testing and more details will be released soon.

What are DeFi Option Vaults?

DeFi Option Vaults (DOV) are automated vaults running with a preset options strategy. The strategy determines whether a put or call option is sold. Yield is earned by collecting premiums that accrue when the option expires ‘out-of-the-money’. The automation is facilitated through a smart-contract on the blockchain. Users can deposit their assets into the smart-contract/vault and it will automatically start earning on a weekly basis.

About Antimatter

Antimatter is a hub for decentralized on-chain financial products, such as DeFi derivatives and financial NFTs. Being community driven, innovative and simple forms the core of AntiMatter.

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Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol