AntiMatter token swap important update


  • On Saturday, July 10th, 2021 at 20:47 UTC, there was a vulnerability exploit in the ChainSwap protocol that impacted MATTER token holders.
  • AntiMatter team made an announcement about a new token snapshot and withdrew Uniswap liquidity to prevent the hacker from getting away with more funds
  • MATTER holders will be airdropped the exact amount of tokens held prior to Chainswap being hacked. This includes MATTER holders on centralized exchanges. BSC and HECO holders will be airdropped on Ethereum. The snapshot is taken at the block height: 12801461 (Timestamp: (Jul-10–2021 07:16:11 PM +UTC)).
  • The exact dates of the airdrop are to be announced.
  • The antiMatter team will provide liquidity on Uniswap at the beginning of the airdrop and start the trading event.
  1. ChainSwap froze the mapping token on Binance Smart Chain and forced the burn of the hacked MATTER in the hacker’s wallet.

Snapshot and airdrop new token:

Due to the Antimatter token being issued through the Chainswap factory contract, we needed to issue a new token to detach from the bridge. The snapshot is taken at the block height: 12801461 (Timestamp: (Jul-10–2021 07:16:11 PM +UTC)).

Improvements and new developments

  1. Antimatter governance is now live at Our community members will be able to propose changes and vote on parameter changes of the Antimatter protocol to help steer our project to a decentralized future!
  2. The Antimatter perpetual option V2 had an unexpected delay due to the arbitrage issue with V1, as the community is aware of. Over the past month, we have worked with external parties within as well as outside of the crypto space to find the best solution and we have started implementation of the new model on the contract level.
  3. As we firmly believe in financial use cases for NFTs, the newest product addition under the Antimatter hub is a financial NFT platform which will be complementary to our current product line. We will soon reveal more details to the community.
  4. To show that the dedication and belief in our project is stronger than before, now that we have learned from the recent situation and taken measures to improve the protocol’s security, the Antimatter team has decided to increase the lock-up for the foundation and the team tokens with two more years.

Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol