AntiMatter Token Symbol System Explained

As the AntiMatter Etherum Mainnet launch is right around the corner we want to provide clarity on the AntiMatter token symbol system for our dear community. Antimatter uses a standardized systematic way to represent the option product, call token, and the put token. All of these are explained below.

General AntiMatter option product notation

  • Asset
  • Price floor
  • Price ceiling

Notation is as follows: ASSET(Price floor $ Price ceiling)

e.g. ETH OPTION ranging from $1000 to $3000 will be represented as ETH(1000$3000)

CALL Option Token notation

  • Call (+) symbol
  • Asset
  • Price floor

Notation for a CALL token is as follows: + ASSET($ price floor)

e.g. The ETH call option with the price floor $1000 will be represented as +ETH($1000)

PUT Option Token notation

  • PUT (-) symbol
  • Asset
  • Price ceiling

Notation for a PUT token is as follows:- ASSET($ price ceiling)

e.g. The ETH put option with the price ceiling of $3000 will be represented as

Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol

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