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3 min readMar 31, 2021


We are excited to have you test the AntiMatter V1 product. Here is an in-depth guide on how to test the current version of the product on Ropsten Test Network.

Step 1: Connecting to testnet

Go to and connect to Ropsten Test Network.

Select Ropsten

Step 2: Getting ETH/DAI to test with

Click on Buy ETH and click on get ETH

For testing, we will need DAI and WETH. On mainnet we will be using USDT and ETH.

To acquire DAI and WETH head over to, make sure you are on Ropsten Test Network. Exchange some of your ETH to DAI and WETH.

Step 3: Testing Option Generation and Option Redemption

Select Option Excercise from the left bar menu. Here we can see two market strategies, option generation and option redemption including our current positions in a list under.

Option Exercise is a feature for market makers and advanced users. Normal users will be able to go on Uniswap to purchase the options after AntiMatter launches on ETH mainnet.

Click on Option Generation, we will now use our WETH and DAI to generate a ratio of Call and Put tokens.

Generating a set of call and put tokens involves:

  1. Selecting the product type
  2. Select the type to generate: Call and put token duo or a single call/put token

3 and 4: Enter the number of call/put you want to redeem

5 and 6: Approve WETH and Approve DAI spend limit

7. Clicking generate

Confirm Generation, congratulations you have now generated a pair of call and put tokens.

We can go back to the menu and click on Option Redemption, we will now burn our Put and Call tokens to generate a ratio of WETH and DAI.

Similarly for Option Redemption:

  1. Select the product type
  2. Select the type to redeem: Call and put token duo or a single call/put token

3 and 4: Enter the number of call/put you want to use

6. Click Redeem

Smart contracts and data needed for advanced testing:

Ropsten Network:

Call Token Contract Address: (0x1da4a25ae837259cb2f14e362ba94af015f77d7d) ,

Put Token Contract Address:



Proxy Factory:(0x60d0769c4940ca58648c0aa34ecdf390a10f272e)

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