How to create your NFT Locker


NFTs can be used as a locker for crypto assets. Use cases include digital safe with an unlock schedule, or gift that you can reward to people. You can select asset to put into a locker NFT and you can choose a release schedule for the token.

This medium will show you how to create your Locker.

Step1:Select to create Locker in the creation.

Step2:Choose ERC-721 type then fill in the name and information.

PS:The ERC-1155 type is coming soon.

Step3:Choose the type of assets you want to lock in as well as fill in the amount.Click on the “+Add Asset” option if you want to add more kinds of assets.

Step4:You can choose your favorite unlocking method for your locker.Select Flexible option means there is no time limit for this locker.

Also you can set up a unlock time for your locker.

Choose “Unlock with a shedule” means you can decide the number and interval of unlocks.

Step5:Select a background color you like for your NFT cover background.

Here you can confirm your locker content and time schedule and the creation is done.

In the main screen you can see the information of all the created lockers,including the number of lockers created and number of owners.

In My Locker you can find the lockers belong to you including which you have created or bought.

With the NFT open you can see its creator info,Locker info and Underlying asset.

You can claim the assets inside the locker at any time by clicking on “Claim Tokens”, provided that the schedule is met.

In the next tutorial we will explain how to trade lockers on opensea.



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