Non-Fungible Finance: Antimatter NFT Product Explained

What is Antimatter Non-fungible Finance? You can think about it as a container to facilitate financial activities, exploring the integration of DeFi derivatives with NFT market. NFTs can act as a basket for multiple assets and store them with a variety of lock and unlock mechanisms.

The product is now live at 👉🏽


  • The product is now live at 👉🏽
  • Users can create their own financial NFT indexes, customized by the creator
  • For index creators, every time people trade the NFT index, the creator will receive a fee. Fee will be used to market buy $MATTER and send to creator’s wallet
  • Creators can fully customize their indexes by choosing supported assets and even configuring the index description and color.
  • AntiMatter will be will introducing three financial NFT products to expand the market: Spot NFT index, Future NFT index, and Locker NFT.


  • Spot NFT index: This product allows people to trade indexes in NFT format with a variety of underlying assets combination. Anyone can create indexes in a permissionless way. To create your index, you simply need to define the type of underlying crypto-asset with the amount. Then you can release the index to the public.

Anyone can buy or sell these indexes. When you buy an index, the contract will automatically purchase underlying assets from the market and then generate the NFT index for the buyer. To sell the index, the seller will burn his piece of NFT index and liquidate the underlying asset.

  • Locker: NFTs can be used as a locker for crypto assets. Use cases include a digital safe with an unlock schedule or a gift that you can reward people. You can select assets to put into a locker NFT and you can choose a release schedule for the token.

Stay tuned!

We will be sharing the user guides shortly. We are also excited to announce that we will be launching Binance Smart Chain-based version to solve the gas cost issue.



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Antimatter Finance

Antimatter Finance


Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol