Roadmap Update — Q2 2022

We are specifying our Roadmap defining clearer milestones we will reach. This is an addition to the Roadmap you can find here:

The other milestones still remain valid.

1. DeFi Option Vault on Ethereum

We are building a DOV for assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It will be similar to Recurring Strategy with the main difference being that funds are assimilated in one vault and are not individual orders. The DOV will be on the Ethereum Network

2. Antimatter Explorer

An Explorer for Antimatter Structure Products is in the works. You will be able to search for Products and Orders filtered by Product ID, Order ID and Addresses. It is a great analytical tool to monitor activity on Antimatter Structured.

3. Adding BNB to Structure Products

We already added ETH to our Structure Products few weeks ago. Now we will be looking to make BNB available as Underlying Asset, Deposit and Settlement Currency for our various Structure Products.

4. AVAX Launch for Antimatter Structured

Avalanche is the next destination for our Structured Products. We are looking to deploy all products on AVAX, and also make AVAX available as Underlying Asset and Currency. This will make Antimatter Structured multi-chain similar to Antimatter Nonfungible Finance and Antimatter Bull & Bear.

Accompany us on our journey, we keep building!

About Antimatter

Antimatter is a hub for decentralized on-chain financial products, such as DeFi derivatives and financial NFTs. Being community driven, innovative and simple forms the core of AntiMatter.

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Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol

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Antimatter Finance

Antimatter Finance

Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol

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