• Enter:
  • By participating in this program and providing liquidity you’ll earn 0.3% of all trading fees on the chosen pool pair on Uniswap proportional to your stake in the pool in addition to the (+MATTER($1)) rewards dedicated for this limited program.
  • 3 different LP FARMING pools are live!
  • Pool 1: ETH CALL token LP pool (CALL/USDT)
  • Pool 2: ETH PUT token LP pool (PUT/USDT)
  • Pool 3: MATTER/ETH LP pool (MATTER/ETH)
  • 100,000 MATTER call option tokens (+MATTER($1)) as rewards in the first 30 days.


We are excited to announce the rules of the AntiMatter LP Option Farming. AntiMatter took the time to create a model where liquidity farming is incentivized and does not negatively affect the token price.

For the next 30 days, it will be possible to provide liquidity to 4 different strategies and earn MATTER call option token rewards. After the initial 30 days, the model will be adjusted based on results and community feedback.


  • Everyone will have time to enter the farm before rewards start


  • Farming start time to be announced in the next hours 8th April.
  • Innovative Liquidity Farming Mechanism

As the AntiMatter Etherum Mainnet launch is right around the corner we want to provide clarity on the AntiMatter token symbol system for our dear community. Antimatter uses a standardized systematic way to represent the option product, call token, and the put token. All of these are explained below.

General AntiMatter option product notation

An AntiMatter option product has three variables to consider:

  • Asset
  • Price floor
  • Price ceiling

Notation is as follows: ASSET(Price floor $ Price ceiling)

e.g. ETH OPTION ranging from $1000 to $3000 will be represented as ETH(1000$3000)

CALL Option Token notation

A CALL option token has three variables to consider:

  • Call (+) symbol
  • Asset
  • Price floor

We are excited to have you test the AntiMatter V1 product. Here is an in-depth guide on how to test the current version of the product on Ropsten Test Network.

Step 1: Connecting to testnet

Go to and connect to Ropsten Test Network.

It has been less than two months since AntiMatter had its TGE and we are excited to announce that we have finished the Antimatter V1 product. Thank you for your support and patience! We are ready to innovate the derivate and options space.

Mainnet launch will be launched in several phases to ensure proper testing and community feedback.

Phase 1: Testing (within 2 weeks)

  • The product is launched on Ropston and Rinkeby Testnet for public testing, experimentation, and education. The product on Testnet will be exactly the same as the product on Ethereum's main net. The community can report potential bugs during this period for which…

This article is a showcase of the current development progress of AntiMatter. Ever since the launch, we have hired 2 additional front-end developers and 2 security engineers/testers. The current team now consists of 7 people and AntiMatter is still hiring.


  • Development is on schedule for our product launch in early April.
  • Innovative LP staking program to be announced soon

Product showcase

We are excited to innovate a new way of LP staking. More details will be announced soon. v1 of the frontend design can be seen below. After the official product launch, we will be adjusting and improving the UI based on our community's feedback.

AntiMatter is excited to announce ChainSwap, a side-feature for projects and teams wanting to make their token cross-chain across ETH, BSC, HuobiECO, and more.


  • ChainSwap allows your token to be swapped across BSC, ETH, HECO, and more
  • NO onboarding or swap fees, everything is free of cost. Network fees are paid by the user
  • Integration and contract deployment advice
  • Project application form:


After the initial AntiMatter IDO, the team has been approached by various teams offering to purchase the AntiMatter cross-chain code. Seeing the need for cross-chain bridges in the blockchain space we decided to launch ChainSwap, a…

Since releasing the initial polarized DeFi token model mechanism we received the following feedback from our community:

The logic is too complex. This is due to having long and short on both the CALL and PUT token products, essentially creating two layers of logic.

Why are you launching the ETH PUT option product before the CALL option product?

If the funding fee is always paid by long token holders there is little incentive to hold the long token side essentially reducing the potential userbase.

This made us think, how can we simplify the polarized token model even more…

Introducing AntiMatter v1

  • Release date…

Our triple IDO event on the 27 Feb was filled with challenges but we managed to turn it into a massive success. AntiMatter is overwhelmed by the support we received and excited for the future.

Positive product design change — both call and put ETH option products to launch before 1 April!

We are excited to announce the details for our Triple IDO Event happening tomorrow on the 27. Feb


  • Initial market-cap: $225,000
  • Initial circulating supply (excluding liquidity): 6.9%
  • MATTER token address across all chains (ETH/BSC/HECO):

👉🏽 0x1c9491865a1de77c5b6e19d2e6a5f1d7a6f2b25f 👈🏽

Timeline of 27 Feb Triple IDO day

All times are in UTC, February 27th, 2021 (PM)

12:00: Telegram chat muted.

13:30: IDO auction starts on Polkastarter, Bounce Certified BSC, and WeStarter.

13:30 Uniswap and PancakeSwap LISTING

14:20–15:00: IDO contributors can claim their tokens from Polkastarter, WeStarter, and Bounce Certified BSC.

15:50: Telegram chat unmuted.

MATTER will be listed on Uniswap with $190,000 total liquidity and on PancakeSwap

Antimatter Finance

Antimatter is an innovative lightweight on-chain defi derivative protocol

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